As the Global Journalism Council (GJC), we visited our sister country Azerbaijan to hold a series of contacts. We had many contacts here.


We attended the meeting of the Turkish Organizations Ministers of Tourism, then we held the Azerbaijan-Europe Media Forum, which was organized in cooperation with the Global Journalism Council and the Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship and Solidarity Foundation.


For this forum, President of Turkey-Azerbaijan Friendship Cooperation and Solidarity Foundation Prof. Dr. I would also like to thank Aygün Attar. We had a very productive brainstorming at the forum, where foreign journalists also participated.


An important panel was also held at the ADA University Campus, which is headquartered in Baku. In this panel, we talked about the problems of the media. Where does the media evolve in the future in the panel on “The Future of Media”? What can happen? 4. What is the latest status of the media, which is a force? We sought answers to these questions.


In our delegation, we had the opportunity to visit TEKNOFEST together with the members of the foreign media in Baku, as Chairman Mehmet Ali Dim and the members of the Board of Directors of Global Journalism Council.


Of course, it is impossible not to be proud. A very crowded delegation with journalists from 11 Turkish states and European countries, including Hungary, was amazed by our strength in the defense industry. This fair had one more feature. Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST was held internationally for the first time outside of Turkey, in Azerbaijan, our sister country.


Turkish Aerospace Industries participated in this fair with HÜRKUŞ training aircraft and Gökbey. The show flight of HÜRKUŞ was breathtaking. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Azerbaijan Aliyev posed for photos in front of the armed drone Akıncı at TEKNOFEST and received information about the aircraft from Selçuk Bayraktar. Later, the leaders signed Akıncı.


In addition to the planes, unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters and armored vehicles exhibited at TeknoFest, Bayraktar Akıncı TİHA and Bayraktar SİHA were exposed to the admiring glances of the audience. The point we have reached in the defense industry is a point to be proud of with honor and glory on behalf of our state.


It is proud for our country that institutions and organizations such as the Ministers of Interior, National Education, Transport and Infrastructure, Presidency of Defense Industry, ASELSAN, Baykar, HAVELSAN, ROKETSAN, STM, TEI, Turkish Aerospace Industries, and Turkish Space Agency have set up stands at TeknoFest. it was rewarding. Turkish-made engineering marvels took our pride to a higher level.


We completed our contacts in Azerbaijan at a very intense pace. There were two other important issues during the visit to Azerbaijan. First; Our visit to the region within the scope of the Azerbaijan-European Media Forum was warmly welcomed by the administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The second is; Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov held a 2.5-hour meeting with the KGK delegation in Baku. This reflection is very important.


Global Journalism Council (GJC), which strives for global public diplomacy and the facilities and advantages that can be provided in this diplomacy, has taken a really big step at this point.


I believe that this visit and cooperation contacts we made with the motto of “two states one nation” will further strengthen the unity of the two states.


War is Multisensical