Mission & Vision

The council is established with the aim of conducting studies which increase the professional, social and cultural values of journalists and improve their affiliation and solidarity in all countries with the priority of Turkey, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans and the Middle East.

a)– The Council always adopts universal journalism and communication rules as well as ethical and moral values. The Council conduct studies in order to increase professional solidarity, to enable that fundamental rights and freedoms are efficient, to provide and maintain the freedom of expression and thought, and to protect and develop ethical and moral values of the profession, b)– In order to protect and improve rights and freedoms that are required by the profession, it represents its members in front of legislative, administrative bodies and official and private institutions and boards,

b)– To fulfill its aims, if it is necessary, it conducts common projects and take positions in the relevant boards thereof, together with public institutions such as the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of foreign Affairs and its affiliated organizations and foreign missions, Directorate of Communication of Presidency and its affiliated organization called the Office of Public Diplomacy and its other relevant departments and institutions, Turkic Council, TÜRKSOY, TİKA, Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Radio and Television Supreme Council, Press Announcement Institution, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Universities, KOSGEB and Development Agencies, as well as relevant NGOs, for the matters in the scope of their authority, and NGOs, professional organization, and other institutions and organizations abroad.

c)– In order to promote common values of Turkey and the countries have members in the Council, it conducts studies to inform, promote and remove negative perceptions in the relevant second and third countries via various communication instruments, and it conducts conferences, seminars, symposiums, festivals, mutual promotion meetings and dialogs to improve the affiliation and solidarity between the peoples for the media organizations and journalists in these countries. In order to struggle with wrong, vicious, false, provocative publications and information against the countries that they have members in the Council, especially Turkey, it takes steps and makes necessary activities to informing the relevant press institutions in a correct and reliable way.

In order to remove all kinds of negative perception about the countries that they have members in the Council, especially Turkey, that is created intentionally or by mistake, it ensures that the representatives of relevant public institutions and organizations and our colleagues are informed correctly via the face-to-face meetings by visiting them in these countries.

d)– It provides and opens representations in Turkey and abroad,

e) – It establishes commissions for the problems encountered in the professional field in the countries where it operates and produces programs and projects for the solution, also conducts joint studies with the responsible and related organizations, conducts scientific and professional activities such as conferences, panels, symposiums and activities that will enable the common cultures survive and integrate such as festivals,

f) – Encouraging journalists to professional success, rewarding successful journalists, organizing various competitions for this purpose, strengthening solidarity in the professional field, conducting activities such as project, program, etc. to improve working conditions of members, encouraging and appreciating the individuals and institutions that contribute to the development of journalism are also its main duties,

g) – It makes resolutions to obtain all kinds of information, documents, papers and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to create a documentation center and to make publication via various mediums for the announcement of these studies in accordance with the purpose.

h) – Accepts contributions and donations from the country and abroad by providing the necessary permits, makes sponsorship agreements for the realization of the activities and establishes and operates economic, commercial and industrial enterprises in order to provide the revenue it needs.

ı) – It organizes events, opens clubs, establishes social and cultural facilities and, if necessary, furnishes them for the development and maintenance of professional, social and cultural activities among the members.

i) – The Council takes decisions to purchase, sell, rent, lease real estate it needs for the activities of the Council and to establish the same rights on the real estate.

j) – It can establish foundation for the realization of the goals and may participate in the upper committees established in the countries in which the Council operates or accept legal or real persons from these countries as a member, and may also carry out professional, cultural and social studies in these countries, and may cooperate or collaborate with institutions and organizations on a project basis.