In order for the application to be evaluated, the application form attached should be filled in by the applicant personally, the application form and the documents specified in the application form must be sent by the applicant himself/herself.


Those working in Newspapers, Magazines, News Agencies, Web Sites, Radio and Television corporations, IP and Web TVs and in the relevant units of the society as a JOURNALIST in nature, and employers in media sector, and those have duties similar to journalism in the press and public relation and publication departments of some organizations, and the real persons who work as professional journalist, and legal entities including professional associations for journalists can be the main member. The legal entities shall be represented by the resolution of membership of the board of directors and by a representative authorized by this resolution in the Council.

The application for membership to be submitted in writing to the Presidency of the Council shall be concluded as acceptance or refusal by the Board of Directors of the Council within a maximum of 30 days and shall be notified of the rejection of the request and shall be notified to the applicant in writing. The member whose application is accepted is registered in the book to be kept for this purpose.

Those who have provided significant contribution materially and spiritually to the journalism and Council can be accepted as ‘Honorary Members’ with the resolution of the Board of Directors.


Each member has the right to leave the Council, provided that he notifies in writing.

As soon as the resignation petition of the member reaches the board of directors, the exit procedures are considered finalized. Leaving the membership does not terminate the accumulated debts of the member to the Council.


Conditions that require removal the member from membership:

1- To act in contravention of Council status,

2- To avoid the duties assigned constantly,

3- Not to pay the membership fees for six months despite the written warnings,

4 – Not to obey the decisions delivered by the bodies of the Council,

5- Losing the conditions required for the membership,

6- To behave in contradiction with the membership principles,

7- To work against the Council

In case of determination of any of the situations listed above, the member is removed from membership by the resolution of the board of directors. The members who are removed from the membership are deleted from the registry book and cannot claim any rights from the assets of the Council.