1. How is the organizational structure?

The Global Journalism Council has the status of “International Union” with the law no. 3335; It was established with the Presidential Decree dated 14 October 2019 and numbered 1660. The council consists of 3 separate assemblies.

Nationwide Media Assembly: Journalists working in Istanbul and Ankara and media-related institutions and organizations operating in these two cities can be members.

Local Media Assembly: Apart from Istanbul and Ankara, journalists working in Anatolia and Thrace, as well as media-related institutions and organizations can be members.

Foreign Media Assembly: Journalists who are representatives of foreign newspapers, agencies, TV and other media organizations working in Turkey, as well as foreign media institutions and organizations, as well as Turkish and Turkish-friendly foreign journalists working outside the country can be members.

  1. What is its mission and purpose?

Global Journalism Council, as a professional press organization, operates professionally to ensure unity, togetherness and solidarity within the country.  Abroad, it channels the effective power of the media formed by the contributions of its members to support the public diplomacy activities of our country. For this purpose, it organizes meetings and events at home and abroad, collaborating with public institutions and organizations when necessary. Executes projects when necessary.

  1. What is the management scheme?

The highest decision-making body of Global Journalism Council is the 90-person General Assembly. According to the status, it consists of 30 members elected by Registered Members from three assemblies.  General assembly, elects a 15-member board of directors and other boards from within itself. President, General Secretary and Financial Secretary are elected directly, and the other 12 members of the board of directors are elected from each assembly on the condition that they are equal members. In addition, after the 30-member members are determined, the assemblies elect a 7-person assembly executive committee, including a President, a Deputy Chairman and a Assembly Secretary. The presidents of the assembly are natural members of the board of directors.

  1. What is the organization method like?

Global Journalism Council’s HQ is at Ankara There is a multi-storey and multi-purpose headquarters building in Çankaya. Also, Istanbul also has a garden office in the Cihangir district, which is mostly used by members of the mainstream media and external media.

It has representatives or representative offices in 79 other www.gjc.org.tr/provincial-representatives  provinces  and 72  (www.gjc.org.tr/foreign-representatives) countries (as of  December 2023 ) excluding Ankara and Istanbul.

Global Journalism Council is a non-governmental organization structured on a global scale, such as its name, that conducts efforts to increase the standards of freedom of communication with its search for solutions to professional problems at home and abroad with the widest network of organizations in its field.

  1. How to become a member?

In addition to domestic and foreign individuals who are exclusively journalists, legal entities related to the media (company, association, trade union, foundation, etc.) can also become members to Global Journalism Council.

Journalists and media institutions or organizations with membership qualifications can apply for membership online via the council’s website (KGK.org.tr in Turkish) and (GJC.org.tr in English). The application for membership is evaluated at the first meeting of the Board of Directors and the applicant is notified of the result.