America America!

America America!

İrfan Sapmaz – GJC Washington DC Representative

When the dates showed 01.01.2020, I bought my plane ticket and came to Washington DC, the capital of the USA. I took my breath in America by saying that both the date should be good, and the flight tickets are cheap.


Actually, my dream of America started about 35 years ago. As a journalist from Washington DC, the political, military and economic power of the world, I always had to observe the world for at least 5 years. I would learn English, continue my education and then go to a country in Moscow, Asia and the Far East, and Cairo, the capital of Egypt in the Middle East, for at least 5 years and I was saying that I would follow the world through the eyes of a journalist.


But it was the last time to come to America. First came to Pakistan, Afghanistan, then Azerbaijan, Caucasus, then Saudi Arabia, Jeddah. So the program you made doesn’t really matter. I’ve always experienced this in my life.


As I leave 37 years behind in the profession, this time I was able to live a quiet life in Washington DC and complete my academic career and continue my life in America with my family and step into the land they call America America.


However, in the second month of my dream of a calm life, the events of Covid-19 and then George Floyd exploded. At the George Floyd events, I had the opportunity to understand what Black-White conflicts mean in America. With Covid-19, I witnessed how weak the health system in America is.


While trying to get to know America with the people on the streets, I also tried to learn about the political, economic, military and cultural dynamics of the country in lectures and by discussing it with Professors during my MBA master’s degree at BAU (Bay Atlantic University). I wish to complete my PHD (doctorate) education in America and tell my experiences and experiences at a university in America to my students.


As a war correspondent and international journalist, I have witnessed quite a lot of experiences and events and wars. When I look at it now, I actually did quite well by coming to America last time. I saw that there is a great respect for the experiences and professional experiences of people in this country.


Unfortunately, no matter whether it’s in Turkey, I just saw quite to upset with the party partisanship of the media came to a place that you can. With the support of every party, newspapers, televisions and media organizations have dragged my colleagues into an impossible street. It’s pretty sad.


So what is the situation of the media in America? No matter what anyone says, people in the media in America can comfortably discuss and express their opinions. No bias here? Of course there is. While Fox supported Donald Trump, a large part of the mainstream media supported Joe Biden, who will take over the US Presidency on January 20.


Every day I try to follow the American media as much as possible. In particular, I constantly follow the country’s major televisions. I try to determine the place where the journalism profession stands by following the newspapers on the internet sites.


George Floyd events during the hours before the White House Turkey’s own social media and connecting to various televisions was interesting observations. It really surprised me to see these abusive writings on the walls of the buildings surrounding the White House, on the wire fences of the Lafayette Park, which made all kinds of criticism and even cursing against US President Trump right across from us. Especially, I watched with amazement that the police, the soldiers of the National Guard, were cursing in their eyes right under their nose and that they did not intervene with great patience unless they were touched by hand.


Here I understand that PATIENCE is not up to the people, but to Heads of State, Leaders and those who run governments.


I also understand that the secret behind the 234-year-old America becoming one of the most powerful countries in the world today is to work, to work and to work hard. See a history of 1,000 years on behalf of Turkey more I’m so sorry.