An Appeal of Global Journalism Council to France

An Appeal of Global Journalism Council to France

Armenians living in France threatened with death of Liseron Boudoul, a journalist of the French TV channel TF1, after broadcasting on the ongoing battles in Nagorno-Karabakh, territories of Azerbaijan Republic.
According to the statement of Elshad Eyvazli, Сoordinator with Foreign Media of the GLOBAL JOURNALISM COUNCIL, headquartered in Turkey, he severely condemns the violence and pressure to our colleague Liseron Boudoul was subjected by the Armenian lobby in France, as well as removal of the link to the report from the website of the TF1 TV channel
Eyvazli stated: “We demand that the French government, which sees itself as the political center of the world, take urgent measures on this issue and French citizens of Armenian origin, who violate international law and threaten to kill a journalist, be held accountable. Otherwise, France will be among the countries where the professional activities of journalists are restricted and freedom of expression is blocked.
“We deeply regret the unpleasant incident that occurred with our colleague-journalist, we strongly condemn the threat and call to the French government to take immediate measures,” said Eyvazli.