BAKU STATEMENT: One nation, one media, six countries

BAKU STATEMENT: One nation, one media, six countries

HOSTED by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev,Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Kazakhstan’s founding President Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kyrgyz President Sooronbay Ceenbekov and Uzbekistan President Shevket Mirziyoyev and observer member of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbana nd Deputy Prime Minister of Turkmenistan Purli Agamuradov -who is not a member that only participated in the activites – were present the Summit of the Turkish Council, members of the Global Journalism Council (GJC) were also present.

At the Turkish Council Summit, Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring designed to help fight terrorism, ensure the territorial integrity of Syria, Syrians liberate from terrorist persecution, and ensure that displaced Syrians are safe and expressed hope and belief that it would contribute to the creation of conditions for voluntary returns.

As members of the Global Journalism Council (GJC) we have been visiting for 4 days, and the friendly and sibling country of Azerbaijan,we have seen that, the supreme leader of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev has been advancing on the path he has opened and became an important actor in the geography and international platform.

Both countries by leaders and citizens, ‘understanding that ”one nation two country”, At the last meeting of the Turkish Council, is turning as ‘one nation, 6 countries’, We have observed with great pleasure that taking the steps of the transformation of the understanding will make important contributions to the geography of the region.
Deputy President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ali Hasanov participated in the opening of the meeting organized jointly by the Council of Press and Global Journalism Council, he said that today the media plays an important role in the promotion of countries. Hasanov, emphasized that the media of the two countries should serve as diaspora in the international arena and said, “We expect support from the sibling Turkish media in explaining to the world our right struggle about the occupation of 20 percent of our country’s territory. We gave 30 thousand casualty in Karabakh. We are ready to fulfill our responsibility for the joint action of the media of the two countries “.

Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, in his speech at the Global Media Meeting gala dinner, drew attention to the problem of disinformation caused by the rapid changes in the world, digital change, which offers great opportunities for humanity, sometimes caused problems.

Minister Cavusoglu, all of us, posing a threat to most of Turkey of YPG / PKK terrorism in the struggle of our country against the organization, underlining that seen disinformation how it is made “in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, the Kurdish siblings large majority of are not adopting the ideology of terrorist organizations They want peace and security. We shouldn’t keep the PKK and Kurds together.

When we look that most sound here countries to establish a terrorist state as divide Syria, curbing Iran, we see that they want to destabilize Turkey. We say that very clearly. We know that some countries, especially France, want to establish a state of terror here. They are extremely uncomfortable because we have broken a big game. But we are relax because we are fighting with the terrorist organization. If we hadn’t fought this struggle today, we would have had more difficulty in fighting it tomorrow, maybe we couldn’t.The future of Turkey and the Turkish nation is important vitality, “he said.

Turkey Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, At the next meetings of the Turkish Council, the media announced that the GJC will organize their meetings “Turkey at the next meeting, then Kazakhstan will be held. These meetings at the Global Journalists Council will also hold the media meeting of the member states of the Turkish Council. ” The President of Azerbaijan Press Council Eflatun Amaşov underlined that after the cooperation protocol we signed with the Global Journalism Council, the press members of both countries will announce the regional problems in the international arena. Mehmet Ali Dim, president of the Global Journalism Council, after the application of the organization within a short period of 8 months, 4 in the country, 2 abroad told that the meeting was organized ”The official establishment of the Global Journalists Council is approved by the President of the Republic on October 14, 2019 with a resolution number of 1660. I would like to express my gratitude to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and to the Minister of Internal Affairs on behalf of all of you, especially the President of the Republic of Turkey. In accordance with the status, we will first call the Board of Founders to the meeting and determine our new roadmap. I wish our organization to be beneficial to our country and community” he said.

In the meeting of the Global Journalism Council (GJC) in Azerbaijan, The Role of Social Media, The Place and Importance of Information in the World, Azerbaijan’s Tourism Potential, Azerbaijan on the Silk Road, Media Collaboration and News Exchange in the Turkish World, The Impact and Contribution of Media to World Success, Conflicts in the World Media and Armenian atrocities in Karabakh and presentations were made by local and foreign journalists and experts from Turkey.

Within the scope of the program, President Dim participated in live broadcasts of several media organizations in Azerbaijan, gave interviews and held bilateral meetings.

The necessary procedures are in the tradition of the Republic of Turkey, the first international event of the Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, and then engaged in Azerbaijan Global Journalists.

We have received under the decisions of the Council of Global Media Meeting of the participating journalists to be announced to the public by drawing attention to the following issues:

1-Our support for the Peace Spring Operation launched by the Turkish Armed Forces against the terrorist state that is intended to be established in Turkey’s border with Syria against members of the separatist organization,

2. The members of the press should show the necessary sensitivity against the black canvassing that the terrorist organization and its supporters in the international arena want to create against this justified operation of Turkey,

3-Armenia, which has occupied 20 percent of the territory of the friendly and sibling country Azerbaijan for years, should give up its position as soon as possible,

4-For the end of the occupation of Armenia in the Karabakh region that the members of the press should explain the atrocities in the region with all its reality,

5-Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has stated at the summit of the council as ‘One Nation, One Media, 6 state’ approach, with a population of about 300 million Turkish world media and in the same spirit of co-power within the union would have to move,

6- To take initiatives to solve the problems of the sector before the Presidency of Communication, Presidency, Radio and Television Supreme Council by the administration of Global Journalism Council,

7-We would like to point out that it is beneficial to continue joint organizations aiming to highlight the economic, social, cultural, touristic and historical potential of Azerbaijan in the global media.


Presindent of the Global Journalism Council