Call for global press reform

Call for global press reform

Neşat Gündoğdu – Milat Newspaper Ankara Representative

Social life, designed by the bipolar world order during the Cold War, also led people to adopt a certain point of view by designing it.

From the point of view of this period, journalists also received their share.

The journalism profession, which is more “idealistic” than today, continued its story until the mid-80s, maintaining a “citizen priority” view within the framework of ideological foundations.

After the ‘ 90s, life changed in every sense.

The Western Bloc won.

While the truth is that one loses the” Battle of ideologies”, the perception is that the other wins with its values.

However, the announcement of a system that was not fully tested as a “winner” caused many of its values, shaped by the presence of the other, to fall into vain.

The press was also impressed.

The hostility of the press, which advocates Liberal values, again because those who defend liberal values want to continue by increasing the order of “profit and interest”, has thrown the “winner” system into complete chaos.

From states with a “security” weighted reflex that protects the rights of citizens; to states with a “Freedom” weighted reflex that expands the rights of citizens, there were great difficulties in the transition.

Even the “noticeable progress experienced by the European Union could not prevent the use of the principle that the press is a “tool to increase freedom” as a tool of political superiority over other countries.

The press is in a major crisis on a global scale.

We cannot ignore the fact that for centuries the bourgeoisie has changed “administrations” or even “religions”.

In today’s modern world, the existence of lives worthy of human dignity can continue by increasing, but only and only “profit” without concern, full work can be achieved with the press.

According to many theories, the press is described as the “fourth power” of states, and journalists are said to do “public” work.

The lack of public privilege in the press, which is attributed to its importance as an institution that sustains Modern societies and ensures its transparency, is the biggest problem facing today’s journalists.

Technological innovations reduce news production and distribution costs, as well as increase the speed at which citizens reach news and make a great contribution to the information society.

Analysis, opinions, knowledge and accumulation of journalists, thinkers and writers who are the basis of the source of income (print numbers) gradually meltdown, the system is causing a development that is in vain.

Journalists are the most powerful civilian structures that still oversee the systems.

Journalists should do their job by staying away from the idea of producing advertising with income anxiety.

Journalists cannot perform the task of supervising States on behalf of citizens, competing with the digital world, while being thrown between trade unions and media bosses all over the world.

In order to overcome contradictions, the press, which provides a public service, must work independently on liberal values, taking into account the relevant realities of the country.

My open offer to all my colleagues is this::

  • Constitutional arrangements must be made to bring journalists together with public
  • By establishing a” professional chamber of journalists”, the functioning of the journalistic profession should be ensured, the values and norms of the profession should be shaped through social dynamics through this public legal entity.
  • Although citizens do not read the news, journalists continue to monitor the system on behalf of citizens. The lack of job security for journalists, the sacrifice they have shown against their exposure to many cases, oppression and violence, should be supported by the public. For this reason, a “press tax” should be created and this resource should be fairly distributed by the Chamber of profession in order for journalists to be present and specialize as “experts” in all areas.