Covid-19 journalism and special journalism…

Covid-19 journalism and special journalism…

Özkan Tamirak

TV100 News-Research Service Manager

If those who live in our age say, “Tell me a year that you want to erase from your life,” I think all humanity will say 2020. It’s been a year of disaster. For us journalists, it has been a year in which we have questioned ourselves, our profession, but not so much. On the one hand, you have to do your profession, and on the other, you have to protect your own and your family’s health.

Covid-19 has given us these things in 2020. Is the nighmare over? No, it’s still going on. We journalists after the news were exempt from all street restrictions. We were on the streets looking for news. What if we get infected? What if he messes with our family? We’ve always lived in this fear for the last months. The profession of journalism has also undergone an evolution in the coronavirus process. For years it was always talk. “I wonder if one day the home office could work from home?” Yes he was. Almost all newspapers are now made from home. For TV people, nothing changed. They had to be in front of the screen all the time.

Me and my team started working from home as of March 20 during the early stages of the pandemic during my tenure as news director of the evening newspaper. At first, it felt good. You’re home, with your family. But as it got longer, we realized that his work wasn’t really like that. Because on the one hand, the ruckus of the house, on the other-the task of dominating your business. The two of them barely walked. But more importantly, the journalist should have been out. He had to keep an eye on the person he was going to report to. Facetime interviews, phone conversations were up to a point.

For this reason, I am seriously concerned that this process will cause great damage to the excitement of Journalism, where the understanding of reporter-oriented journalism is disappearing from day to day. I have kept private news-weighted journalism ahead throughout my professional life, which I consider the most enjoyable state of journalism. My teammates and I have always worked with this look. In our last period, private journalism has suffered just like Reporter-oriented journalism. A lot of broadcasters now work more Agent-oriented than special news brought by their reporters.

Media outlets have now embraced working from home. Corporate expenses also fell significantly when the buildings closed. Of course, this is a very important detail for managers. The vaccines are starting to hit. I hope it will help us get rid of this disease. And when this process is completely over, will the media go back to the old one? Or will the home office continue to work? My colleagues I’ve seen and spoken to have missed the newspaper and television buildings a lot. We missed those media conversations, the news meetings, being together again. I hope those good days are almost there. From 2021, I want us to be healthy, to be good. May Allah protect our country from all kinds of evil.