Covid Diary of a journalist

Covid Diary of a journalist

Saban Arslan

GJC widespread media Councillor

Coronavirus (Covid-19) eventually infected us, too.

My test came back positive.

And then, even though we were very careful, everyone in my family got infected…

I noted the difficult process I had experienced since that day. I wanted to share with you.

First symptoms. A mild but deep cough.

Slight resentment at night, pronounced cough.

Friday, November 20

All day long weakness, cough. 15.00 Kovid test positive

19.00 pm in hospital 2. tested. 02.00 positive test notification at night. Minor novelties. 38-degree fever.

Saturday, November 21

18.00 in the evening, drug use began.

Favicovir 8 tablets. And blood thinners. 100 mg

The night was the hardest. Unbearable back and hip pain. The drug burns the stomach badly.

Sunday, November 22

06: 00 in the morning. 8 more tablets of the drug.

Relatively little pain. I’m more religious. Less pain throughout the day.

Does the drug show its effects or something?..

A deep sleep for the first time after 16 p.m.

18.00: time for dinner and Favicovir. 3 tablets this time.

From now on, this is the case. Continue with blood thinners and blood pressure pills. Ayra 8 mg during the day, Norwask 10 mg at night.

Heavy sweating after pills.

Body temperature normal: 36.4

23.00: Oh, My God. Terrible back pain. It’s never been this excruciating.

Massage with a hot water bag. It felt so good. Thanks. Relieved in 10 minutes

By morning … the night was a real nightmare. At 8 o’clock in the evening, my body almost goes crazy, as if it is moving to another dimension.

My temperature is below normal. I’m talking to my friends who’ve been through the disease, everyone’s main problem is Fever. I’m down to 34. I started lighting an electric stove next to the heater to balance it.

Based on my experience of having problems with my femur, I press a bag of hot water into my aching areas. Instant relief happens, but no method is enough for me to sleep comfortably. I found the position I was most comfortable in, trial and error. I sit on my laptop on the floor, sit up slightly and put my head on the bed. My back is relatively relaxed. I eat 3-5 minutes from a difficult night.

By the way, we got some good news.

The filiation team came home and tested it with my wife and the kids. The results came back negative.




This is what I see. No one knows anything but hearsay about the disease. The Internet is full of nonsense. As far as I understand, doctors don’t give a lot of assessments about a virus that they don’t know enough about. 2 M 1 T, garlic, onion, ginger…

He says they’ve had a few phenomena, that’s all.

What do I do when my back hurts? Whatever I do, I ease the pain. No… I can’t find the answer. It’s impossible to reach the doctors.

I think that sane scientists should put their work together in accordance with the experience of those who have experienced the disease and publish them in the form of Scientific Reports.




Mehmet Emin Pishkinpaşa, Chief of Internal Medicine Clinic at SSI Samatya Hospital, is one of the first doctors caught in Covid. “My teacher says that someone who falls from a donkey understands the state of a donkey… Tell you guys.”

He just thinks I’m very lucky to have a back pain. He says I’ll be more comfortable after the medication runs out.

Mrs. Işıl called in the evening. From our Medical Center. She’s our family doctor.

For some reason, I found him a little anxious. He was a little worried about my back hurting so much. He said If you feel the pain in the front, if you have trouble breathing, call 112 immediately…


Go for the best.


3 tonight at 18: 00. I started my day medicine. Then I started preparing for every night’s nightmare. Dr. I followed the advice of the confident brain and bought a Parol.

Thank god I’m not in any pain right now (at midnight)…

But no sleep. It’s like all the cells in my body are awake, on guard, waiting for the same thing to come back after last night’s terrible pain. Because the system is confused.

No kidding, I’m more thorough now. I wash my hands often, drink a lot of water, air my room, change my clothes and shower frequently.

In fact, I built a kingdom with only one citizen. No one dares enter…

Joking aside, it would have been very difficult for me to get through this process without the support of my family, especially my wife.

If you could see vitamin C supplements, care in meals and breakfasts. Her (my wife) right I can’t afford.




Day five: November 24, 2020

It’s a beautiful morning. The sun came out.

Days later, for the first time, I slept for 3 hours without interruption. I couldn’t sleep a bit at night.

Not being able to sleep is not a problem, of course, but the pain…

My kidneys hurt a lot tonight. I think the drugs are forcing

I coughed while I was on the phone with the Emin. I’m prescribing you with syrup, he said the cough is a sign of lung trouble.

Hayrol you see.

I think our real problem is beginning. My breathing began to become frequent, my cough increased.

I had a great night’s sleep after dinner. If it’s not from parol, which I’ve been drinking for days, it’s from my wife’s delicious trotting soup. You’ve never eaten anything so perfect.

Day six: Wednesday, November 25

It’s a terrible pain in my back…

Emin says. The virus is sending secretions to the joints. That’s why the joints hurt.

This is the second story of the night after the cough.

That bilateral pain, which I thought was in my kidneys yesterday, came from the space between the hip and the waist, the joint. Emin teacher told me. Typical symptoms of the virus.

I’ve been through everything but the problem of taste and smell so far.

The drug Favicovir has the last 6 tablets left. So I’ll drink for 1 more day.

I’ve been sleeping clean for two mornings. I went to bed after prayer. 3 hours without interruption. Super.

I called Emin this morning before I called. And everything was fine. He said the days after that will be easier. Come on, God willing.

Thursday, November 26.

It’s 03: 00. Can there be a back pain that does not stop for 3 days. Can’t a person sleep for 5 minutes?..

It’s like a rose bed over there, and I can’t sleep…

You have a bed, you can’t sleep. You have food, you can’t eat. You have children in the next room, you can’t hug for 5 minutes.

Indeed, this is a test of Allah. “For years you have been eating shamelessly, lying down, enjoying all the blessings of the world, but you are not grateful. Non-stop don’t…”

I drank my last three Favicovir this morning. I’d be happy if I could get some sleep…

The expected News has arrived! I’m afraid my daughter is infected. Oof oof. I don’t know how he got infected first. I haven’t even seen his face in days. We only make video calls in the evenings from adjacent rooms. But I thought he’d be the last to mess with it.

My daughter and I are in isolation in adjacent rooms.

I slept for over 4 hours this morning. That’s my world record.

It’s been 8 days since the first symptoms were seen today.

I spent the day like a normal person, except for the deep pain in my waist.

I didn’t take any medicine tonight. It’s over. It’s a great thing. I took Parol, but the pain in my back still increased.

And I had my first regular meal tonight, lahmacun. It wouldn’t be so good if I ate Peking duck with orange.




I see my daughter more often. She comes to me when she gets bored. DA DA NASSIN DAD…

My baby. She’s a little over it. Emin Hodja said to use the drugs anyway. She’s on the drug.

A virus can have a different and unexpected effect on each body.

I hope she gets over it before the other house staff gets caught.

My wife has just arrived and Ahmed has a fever… Yaa this is a joke

Friday, November 27

Ahmad is lying on fire. The test team hasn’t arrived yet.

Let’s see if we can protect my wife.

I woke up tonight with a fever: 37.7

We tried hard to get it down.

And what we feared happened to us. My wife is covid-positive now…

Everyone’s so convinced… The wave we’re getting right now. We’re all planning to shoot aunt covid sometime Dec. Tey tey teeyy

Saturday, November 28

Wow. It’s been 9 days. I think I’m cured now.

We’ve opened all the doors, the borders. We all eat and drink together.

My son Ahmet, who we call the most comfortable, has a very hot time. My daughter is the most comfortable. He’s having a little malaise. He continues to work from home. My wife has a headache…

Sunday, November 29

I slept in normal positions for the first time tonight.

And it’s not the first time I’ve used cough syrup and painkiller parol.

Zero medicine, plenty of peace.

Thank you, God. How privileged to be a healthy person…

There’s a little insensitivity to smell and taste. And a mild flu-like weakness, that’s all.

Come on, feel better.