Difficult broadcasting in Turkmeneli geography

Difficult broadcasting in Turkmeneli geography

Difficult broadcasting in Turkmeneli geography


Türkmeneli TV, one of the international television channels based on language and ethnicity, is a radio and TV channel headquartered in Kirkuk, with a representative office in Ankara and broadcasting as the voice of Iraqi Turks.

Its focus is on the Iraqi Turks, who do not have a state of their own, living in the region known as Turkmeneli in Iraq. Publication language; Turkish (predominantly) and Arabic. The purpose of Turkmeli TV broadcasts; “To ensure the continuation of the connection of the Iraqi Turks with the State of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish States, Turkish history and culture, to introduce the Turkish people with their national, moral, humanitarian and spiritual cultural values, with their social and economic aspects, to increase the level of education and culture, To encourage them to be in harmony with their country, society and communities, to increase their motivation and contribute to the solution of various problems, to create a positive public opinion, to create a unity of language and thought, to increase the sense of solidarity and togetherness, and to help develop relations with today’s and future’s radio, television broadcasting technology, knowledge, skills, behavior. and to implement its ethics by using it effectively and efficiently.

We strive to carry the voice of the Turkmen people to every lane, including social media channels, by overcoming all the difficulties experienced in the field.


It is very difficult to do journalism and reporting in Iraq, which hosts terrorist organizations such as PKK, PYD and DAESH…


In an unstable region, our reporters and cameramen working candidly make news of a hot news or an explosion almost every day, it is the usual flow of life for them.


The fact that Iraq has a structure based on many ethnic origins and sects (Arab, Kurdish, Turkmen, Sunni, Shia) causes the problems to continue, especially the injustice of Turkmen in many areas in this structure.


Our Television, which started its broadcasting life with the slogan “The Bright Side of Iraq”; It defends the territorial integrity of Iraq and continues to defend the rights and laws of the society to which it is a member by reporting under difficult conditions with an understanding of equal and impartial news for all segments of the society.


In addition to social pressures, it is very, very important for journalists and even media organizations to support each other in order to be able to carry out journalism activities without hesitation against international pressures…