Does the world need a female seal?

Does the world need a female seal?

Does the world need a female seal?

Although the Women’s Press of Bashkortostan started its publication life in 1921, it was only in 1968 that it began to be regularly published as a women’s and family magazine in the Bashkir language (Bashkurdistan kyzy). Since then, for more than half a century, it has been a spiritual support for our compatriots, a platform for the exchange of ideas, a platform where successes are discussed and solutions to problems that cause concern are discussed. It takes lessons from the past and prioritizes hopeful and inspiring issues for the future.

This publication is popular not only in the Republic of Bashkortostan, but also in some parts of Russia, where Bashkirs live compactly. So much so that the circulation of the June issue of June 2022 increased to 3650.

The aims of the editorial board of the journal “Bashkortostan kyzy” are to influence the public consciousness of the claim of economic and cultural progress prioritizing universal values, while at the same time aiming to raise the cultural and educational level of the people. The publications deal with family life comprehensively and objectively, assist in solving family and women’s problems, raising children and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“Bashkortostan kyzy” – makes a significant contribution to the development of modern Bashkir literature. People are discussing the posts here on their social media accounts. The magazine also touches on very important and current issues that will attract the attention of the public. The biographies of those who have succeeded by working hard are cited as examples to the readers.

A publishing approach that prioritizes the issue of family and family values ​​with the magazine “Bashkortostan kyzy” has been the main agenda of women of the republic for half a century. The magazine also attaches great importance to the issue of foster families, who own orphans and orphans. The magazine is at the center of life in Bashkortostan. In addition to today’s fast-paced publishing, there is a broadcasting where the traditional press is still strong. I can proudly say that in the competition of social projects of the Russian media, our project “Parents’ House – The Beginnings of Beginnings” was awarded as one of the best, with a work dedicated to foster families and their fate.

While using a writing language that starts with very serious global problems to attract the attention of the reader, we immerse the events in the heart of the reader with a feminine look. In addition to our unique style, our greatest wealth is to catch the overlooked ones and to do all this in Bashkir language.

From empowering the family to improving financial literacy, we address the serious issues that geography needs.

Of course, we are constantly on the road, we go to meet our readers, we meet them, we know their expectations and wishes. The future of our magazine depends not only on our effort, quality and circulation, but also on the interest and support of the state.

We will continue our struggle for existence with our friends in a distant land.

Gulnaz Kutueva, editor-in-chief of the republican women’s and family magazine “Bashkortostan kygy” / “Daughter of Bashkortostan”