July 24 is celebrated as Press Day. Unfortunately, in recent years, there has been a discontent in the press industry due to the rise in paper prices. There is a situation that occurs due to an economic famine around the world. The world hit by the pandemic is now on the brink of wars. Unfortunately, we have great wars ahead of us.

Russia started the first war to get out of the economic crisis by attacking Ukraine. This attack started major economic crises both in our country and in many countries of the world. With increasing inflation, countries have become self-sufficient. In fact, World War III has begun. But the great conflict has not yet broken out.

The use of Greece as a base by the USA, the collapse of Iran on the Syrian border, the mobilization of China, South and North Korea, and Japan are the footsteps of the war.

It’s only a matter of time before Turkey attacks Greece. Previously, the Kardak crisis ended with Tansu Çiller and the SAT and SAS commandos landing on the island and planting a flag, and the world had seen Turkey’s determination. President Erdoğan also said to Greece, “We are not kidding!” warning, September or earlier may be the calendar for us to see Turkish flags on the islands again.

When a newspaper is mentioned, a printed paper comes to mind. Years later, the concept of newspaper seems to end with this definition. But the identity of a journalist will outlast a printed newspaper.

Journalism that has evolved into digital with the pandemic, the economic crisis we have felt to our bones in recent years, and the excessive increases in the exchange rate have dealt a great blow to all sectors that produce printed works. It is very difficult for the local press to survive, especially now. Knowing and seeing this, the local media industry started to focus on web television. It is very difficult to predict how long the local media sectors, which are having difficulties in broadcasting for now, will be able to resist the increasing technology prices in the future. Digital newspaper is much easier, less costly and faster than printed work. Finally, it is on the agenda that websites benefit from the Press Advertisement Agency. Because the costs have increased so much, newspaper revenues cannot meet the expenses. If the newspapers that receive advertisements are not subject to a new regulation of the Press Advertisement Agency, the newspapers may fly the bankruptcy flag.

In order for the journalism industry to develop and live up to the needs of the age, legal regulations must also be transformed. Turning one-sided would be like jumping a ditch. In order to overcome this process, the future of the sector should be guided through workshops.

I continue the journalism I inherited from my father locally. Like many, I came from the kitchen of this profession. We have transformed, we have renewed our newspaper according to the conditions. If digitalization is not paved, loneliness begins. The entire media sector expects work for the future from both the state and the federation they are affiliated with.

I am happy to see that the Global Journalism Council is doing great things in this regard. The studies and activities are a great hope for me to have a flag to hand over in the future.