General Director

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The General Director who is elected among the members, who are of a minimum of 20 years of seniority in journalism, of the General Assembly;

a) – chairs the board of directors of the Council, if he/she deems necessary, call for an extraordinary meeting,

b) – represents the Council in Turkey and abroad,

c) – implements or commissions the implementation of the decisions made by the Board of Directors of the Council;

d) – represents the Council in the commissions and administrations of all official institutions to which it is assigned, in the public institutions and organizations, in the organs of all institutions established by special law,

e) – performs the work of the Council in accordance with the laws, regulations, by-laws and all relevant legislation, to chair all kinds of commercial companies participated in, to be participated in, and to be established,

f) – evaluates the reports, suggestions, and requests prepared by the Council Committees and puts them into the agenda of the Board of Directors for the purpose of implementing, commissioning its implementation or sends them to the Board of Directors to be discussed,

h)- may authorize any member of the board of directors with the resolution of the board of directors, to act for him/her in institutions, organizations, boards in which he/she represents regarding all kinds of powers in his/her responsibility area.

i) – chairs the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the Extensive, Local and Foreign assemblies that shall operate in the Council.