GJC Accelerates Diplomatic Engagement

GJC Accelerates Diplomatic Engagement

The Global Journalism Council (GJC) continued its engagements with foreign mission representatives in Ankara and Istanbul as part of its support activities for international cooperation and public diplomacy in the media field. Additionally, it made a condolence visit to Iran and a get-well visit to Slovakia.

Previously, the GJC delegation visited the embassies of Lebanon, El Salvador, Montenegro, India, and Iran in Ankara, led by NATOPA Turkish Delegation President Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu. Later, the international engagement continued with condolence visits to Iran and get-well visits to Slovakia, as well as meetings with Serbia and Costa Rica.


The GJC delegation visited the Iranian Embassy in Ankara to express condolences over the loss of President Ebrahim Raisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, Tabriz Friday Imam Mohammad Ali Al-i Hashem, and East Azerbaijan Governor Malik Rahmeti, who died in a helicopter crash. The delegation, including GJC Deputy Finance Chairman Yakup Aslan, GJC Vice President of Nationwide Media Assembly Ünsal Karabulut, and GJC Advisory Board Member Dr. Imbat Muğlu, signed the condolence book on behalf of the council. They also conveyed their condolences and solidarity to Ambassador Mohammad Hasan Habibollahzadeh.

Ambassador Habibollahzadeh thanked the GJC for their visit, stating, “The Turkish people, with whom we share common values such as faith and history, alleviated our pain by sharing our sorrow from the first moments of the accident. We express our gratitude to the Turkish nation through your council.” On behalf of the delegation, Yakup Aslan said, “On behalf of the Global Journalists Council, we extend our deepest condolences and solidarity to the Iranian state and nation.” Aslan emphasized that the Iranian people have endured many hardships throughout history and noted, “The late President Raisi declared on his first day in office that his priority was advanced cooperation with neighboring countries, and during his last visit to Turkey, he reiterated this commitment with President Erdoğan.”


Following the recent assassination attempt on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, GJC President Mehmet Ali Dim and GJC Vice President of Nationwide Media Assembly Dr. Esra Öztürk visited Slovakian Ambassador to Ankara Ján Pšenica to extend their get-well wishes to the Slovak people. Ambassador Pšenica provided updates on Prime Minister Fico’s condition and expressed gratitude to the GJC family for their visit. He also expressed hope for continued communication between GJC and media organizations in Slovakia.


The GJC delegation met with Charge d’Affaires Zoran Jovanović at the still-vacant Serbian Embassy in Ankara. During the meeting, they discussed organizing a Turkey-Serbia Media Forum, and Jovanović informed them that Serbia’s new ambassador to Ankara would start in late June. Jovanović also gave the delegation a tour of the embassy, highlighting the historical friendship between the two countries by showing the rugs and clock cabinet gifted by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Another stop for the GJC delegation in Ankara was the Costa Rican Embassy, known for its leading role in environmental and ocean conservation among Latin American countries. Accepted by Ambassador Gustavo Campos Fallas, the delegation provided information on GJC’s plan to hold the 1st Global Media Congress in Colombia in 2025. Ambassador Fallas emphasized the need for journalists to play a crucial role in accurately representing each other due to the geographical distance and expressed his satisfaction if GJC would appoint a representative in Costa Rica.


The GJC delegation was received by Hector Jaime, the Ambassador of El Salvador, at the embassy office and discussed projects to be carried out together to increase media cooperation between the two countries and to further improve Ankara-San Salvador relations.


The Iranian GJC delegation also visited the Undersecretariat of Culture of the Islamic Republic. During the meeting hosted by Seyyed Kasım Nazımi, Undersecretary of Culture of Iran, the road map for the Turkish-Iranian Media Workshop planned to be held in Tabriz was discussed.


Continuing its diplomatic tour with the Embassy of India, the delegation met with Anto Alphonse, Press Undersecretary of the Embassy of India. During the meeting where the duties of the media field regarding the deepening of Ankara – New Delhi relations were discussed, the calendar and content details of the Turkey-India Media Workshop were discussed.

The Lebanese GJC delegation also visited the Embassy of Lebanon. During the meeting held at the Embassy residence, the GJC delegation was received by Ambassador Ghassan A. Moallem. During the meeting, which resulted in a consensus to realize the deep-rooted relations between Lebanon and Turkey in the field of media diplomacy, concrete steps to increase cooperation were discussed and it was agreed to organize a media workshop in Beirut, where possible areas of cooperation in the field of media will be discussed.

The delegation was received by Ambassador Perisa Kastratovic at the Montenegro Embassy. GJC delegation discussed possible cooperation topics in the field of media. During the meeting, the ambassador emphasized that his country attaches great importance to relations with Turkey and drew attention to the importance of cooperation with the Global Journalism Council in the field of media. During the meeting, a road map was determined for the two countries to take concrete steps for cooperation in the field of media.


At a reception held at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum in Istanbul to honor the 145th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Montenegro and Turkey, GJC was represented by Vice President Kahraman Halisçelik and Vice President of Nationwide Media Assembly Dr. Esra Öztürk. Speaking at the ceremony, Montenegro Ambassador Periša Kastratović praised the relations that began during the Ottoman period and expressed his belief that the friendship between the two countries, which has lasted for nearly a century and a half, will continue to progress.


During the reception, the GJC delegation also had a warm conversation with Croatian Consul General Dr. Ivana Zerec and Bosnian Consul General Dragan Mihaljevic. The delegation informed Kosovar Consul General Sucan Novoberdaliu, Swedish Consul General Johanna Strömquist, U.S. Deputy Consul General Fleur Cowan, Japanese Deputy Consul General Mitsuhiro Toyama, and Ukrainian Consul Andrii Boiko about the council’s activities.


GJC President Mehmet Ali Dim commented on these visits, stating, “Such engagements aim to enhance global journalism standards, foster cooperation and dialogue bridges in the media and communication sectors between different countries, and contribute to the development of international understanding and cooperation. Council members organize workshops, seminars, and training programs on journalism education and media capacity building in the countries they visit, aiming to both improve media cooperation and achieve positive outcomes in media diplomacy, which is a significant aspect of soft power. Our diplomatic mission visits are crucial for strengthening media collaborations internationally and building bridges between countries. These visits are seen as important steps to increase dialogue and understanding between different cultures and media structures.”