GJC: Freedom of the press is discussed in the world

GJC: Freedom of the press is discussed in the world

Global Journalism Council (GJC) issued a statement on World Press Freedom Day, which is celebrated globally on May 3rd.
In the statement, President of Global Journalism Council Mehmet Ali Dim emphasized the importance of financial independence of media organizations.

GJC President Dim congratulated all members of media on this significant day.
The statement read: “In line with a decision taken by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993, 3rd of May is celebrated as World Press Freedom Day globally. In recent years, press freedom has become controversial not only in developing and underdeveloped countries, but also in developed countries. The increase in large scale usage of social media and internet publishing, which is easily accessible and easily available to everyone, has underlined professional journalism and has also caused confusion in concept of description of media. Media organizations have started to make concessions from the principles of broadcasting and ethical values in order to survive as result of economic concerns. This situation threatens media independence and press freedom. In parallel with all these developments, the concept of ‘media’ must be redefined and this redefinition must include social media as well. This should be done in a way to re-evaluate the principles of universal journalism, and to clearly separate the content produced for public interests and promotional and propaganda lines. We cannot ignore the fact that there is a need to participate in this process at every stage and to update the concepts of universal journalism in order to maintain the indispensable press freedom. As an international media organization, the Global Journalism Council (GJC) is always ready to contribute to this process. On this occasion, we congratulate the “Press Freedom Day” of all journalists. “