GJC media meeting in Cyprus was successfully

GJC media meeting in Cyprus was successfully

THE media meeting of the Council of Global Journalists took place at the Acapulco Resort & Convention & SPA Hotel in Cyprus. Date of the first day of Northern Cyprus on Turkey Council members, journalists of the Turkish Republic, met with Ercan Airport in Nicosia bus headed.Turkey Republic of Cyprus in Nicosia at the reception given by Ambassador Ali Murat Başçer journalists who gathered at the embassy building welcomed here at the door of ambassador. After a visit to a warm and friendly environment, journalists visited the historical and touristic places of Cyprus and got information.

The council met on the second day at the Acapulco Hotel. Cyprus Media Meetings in Turkey and Northern Cyprus beat the marked virtually the Turkish Republic, the first meeting of the Council of Northern Cyprus of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Akinci, Turkey Foreign Minister MevlutÇavuşoğlu Northern Cyprus Tourism Turkish Minister of the Environment and Intellectual Ataoğlu, Speaker of Parliament donations, the Ulucay Republic of Turkey, Cyprus Nicosia Ambassador Ali Murat Başçer, the main opposition National Unity Party chairman Ersin Tatar, many politicians and senior officials participated in the surname.

The first speech of the meeting was held by KGK founding chairman Mehmet Ali Dim. Dim began with his speech, welcomed the participants and said: Today we sign a significant event with you. Global journalists start a new organization and organization in our Cyprus, which is an integral part of our homeland. I would like to open the door to our Foreign Minister, Mr.MevlütÇavuşoğlu, who has supported us since the founding of the Global Journalists Council. Thanks to him, he has always been with us since we made our first application for a foundation, and he became, as it were, the patron of our council. Thank you very much. And the fact that he was among us in his busy schedule has honored us. I would like to thank him. The establishment of the council found that the last phase UPS Chairman Mehmet Ali Dim, Global Journalists can explain the difference in the other professional press organizations of the Council, “more than 400 named journalism in Turkey, media, press, communications, professional association with Regret that the organization.As in many other sectors, we are experiencing a process that has become inflation.However, the Global Journalists Council is not an organization governed by the Law on Associations. Quite different, set by law. The UPS is an organization that came to an end during the State Department’s establishment, approval and approval of the President. And this organization for the first time in Turkey, widespread, local and foreign media is an organization that unites under one roof. Therefore, we take a first in Turkey. And this is the first meeting of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. In many parts of Turkey, Ardahan from Antalya to Alanya Thrace Samsun, Erzurum, Elazig, Mugla, our friends to Kayseri, from Azerbaijan welcome, as we have friends coming from abroad. We bleed for almost 55 or 60 years and that’s why we’re here. That’s why we’re here to contribute to Cyprus, “he said.

President Mustafa Akıncı, on the way to the Global Council of Journalists Council, founding chairman Mehmet Ali Dim, members of the management and council wished the journalists success. President Mustafa Akıncı said that they will maintain their just and consistent approach to the Cyprus issue both at the table and on the ground. We will stay strong both in the field and on the table. We will be stronger at the table and stronger at the table
Akıncı said that the Cyprus problem continues to be discussed and continued as the problem of finding solutions continues. The Turkish Cypriot people will not give up the fight for development and development because of the Cyprus problem. Or do not you have the luxury of delaying everything for a solution

President Mustafa Akıncı explained that a solution in Cyprus can lead to very serious developments on both sides. he could come so close, he said.
President Mustafa Akıncı stressed that while the Cyprus problem should persist, efforts to resolve the Cyprus problem should continue, and on the other hand, the TRNC should not be neglected for the better and better.


Recently, the Greek Cypriot leader Akıncı stated that he endeavors to create a confusion of concepts and that he leads the way in various discourses and discourses.
Akıncı said, “When it comes to the two-state solution, the Confederation says it when it comes, and then it comes here. He did not mean it when he met me. But let’s talk about decentralization, it was a thesis that the Turkish Cypriots have long been calling for a solution that is less powerful than the central powers. From the late Rauf Denktas to today.In contrast, they have always tried to make the center stronger. If you say so, the answer to the question, which central powers should we transfer to the member states? «» Has always remained unanswered. ”
One day, when he talked about the presidential system of the Greek side, President Akinci, instead of the rotating president, suddenly began to speak about the parliamentary system, instead of emphasizing that the Prime Minister had begun to shout.
President Akıncı said that, as always, a Greek Cypriot president, the Prime Minister’s proposal had begun to be taken in turn.
President Akıncı said the Greek Cypriot side, regardless of its model, still rejects and even denies the active participation of Turkish Cypriots in political equality and political decision-making.
President Akıncı noted that Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades does not even consider the energy issue as an important issue for Turkish Cypriots, saying that Anastasiadis has ignored the vital interests of Turkish Cypriots in their energy and fiscal policies.

Foreign Minister MevlütÇavuşoğlu said he was very happy and proud to be with Council members after welcoming the participants. Çavuşoğlu stated that the Council had closely followed the work of the Council and made statements on the Cyprus issues. “It is impossible for us to accept a solution that ignores the Turkish Cypriot people, ignores political equality and ignores the will of the Turkish Cypriot people,” Bakan Minister Çavuşoğlu said.
Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot people have always stated that, since the solution Cavusoglu, the reason why it has no solution today, nothing from the Greek Cypriot side said that the refusal to share with the Turkish people. Çavuşoğlu said that we talked about everyone, including all the options that should be negotiated, whichever is the case. We do not make any options. We do not find an option that is imposed on usta