GJC organization: 21st World Russian Media Congress in Turkey

GJC organization: 21st World Russian Media Congress in Turkey

AT hosted GJC, World Russian Media Council (WARP) members who speaks Russian language and Russian language broadcasting of Senior Journalists met for the first time in Turkey.The World Russian Media Congress, which was held on the 21st of this year with the participation of 160 journalists from 85 different countries, was hosted under the leadership of the Global Journalism Council (GJC) and organised by the cooperation of the Alanya Russian Culture and Education Association.At GJC President of Mr. Dim who participated in the giant meeting held in New York State of USA, his invitation and Foreign Minister of Mevlut Çavuşoğlu who is from Alanya, moved the under the auspices to Turkey.
Congress began in Ankara where capital in Turkey at the date of 25 October 2019. Vice President Fuat Oktay also participated in the giant meeting held in Meyra Palace Hotel. The Congress that the Global Journalism Council (GJC) and The Russian Media Council came together also took a place of United Councils meeting, was held on TRT World screens and the meeting was broadcasted in English, Russian and Arabic in three languages. In addition, Russian and Turkish simulation translations were made to the participants in the hall.The 21st World Russian Media Congress began when Vitaly Ignatenko who is President of the World Russian Media Council (WARP) read a letter from Russia President of Vladimir Putin to the congress. In his message, Mr. Putin emphasized the active role Russian journalists play in their country’s relations with other countries, urging them to always consider Russsia’s interests and wished that the congress would be succesful.
Speaking to the participants at the opening ceremony, GJC President of Mehmet Ali Dim said that after the Sochi agreement reached with Russia regarding to operation against terrorist elements on Turkey’s southeastern border, thew were honored to welcome Russian-speaking journalists from all over the World who came together in Turkey.
He also emphasized the importance of the organization in the promotion of Turkey by drawing attention to the importance of the Russian market in the tourism sector of the economy without chimneys industry.As President of the Alanya Russian Education and Culture Association and President of the 21st Congress Ekaterina Gündüz thanked everyone who contributed to the meeting of the Congress.
Within the opening ceremony, Vice President Fuat Oktay addressed the journalists at the 21st World Russian Media Congress, Turkey drew attention to the struggle against terrorist elements in the border. The aim of the “Peace Spring Operation‘’ is to ensure stability in the region and to combat terrorism. This operation is never aimed about Kurds or any ethnic elements. Our fight against terrorism will continue decisively. Our expectation from you is that ‘’You will tell the world about the purpose and intention of Turkey with your news abd publications.’’ Oktay continued to talk about process at the border. Oktay emphasized that the fight against terror elements threatening the integrity of the homeland is an indisputable right ‘’In an area with a border of 911 kilometers long, no one can expect us to allow a killer organization to die for 40 years without calling soldiers, civilians. It is our natural right to oppose the corridor of terror that is being tried to be established here.’’
Oktay, recently touched upon the aggrements that has been made, “Achieving the purpose of the agreements reached with both America and Russia depends on the complete clearance of PKK-YPG and DAESH terrorist organizations from Syria” and pointed to the peaceful environment in the region.
The congress started in Ankara and continued with Kayseri program. Prior to the Kayseri theme, the journalits were welcome by the Kırşehir Press Council. After the trip to Kırşehir Kütük House, local refreshments were made to journalists who come to Ağalar Mansion. In the program, the journalists were accompanied by Kırşehir Governor of İbrahim Akın, CHP Kırşehir Deputy of Metin İlhan, Mayor Selahattin Ekicioğlu, Kayseri Journalists Association President and GJC Vice president of Veli Altunkaya and representatives of the local press.
The second address of the giant meeting was Kayseri. GJC President of Mehmet Ali Dim, Alanya Russian Education and Culture Association President Ekaterina Gündüz and accompanying journalist Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç welcomed. After a dinner attended by the governor of Kayseri Şeyhmus Günaydın, the group went to Kayseri Castle and toured the historical riches of the city. 21st the World Russian Media Congress took place in Cappadocia with in 3rd leg. Journalists who came to Cappadocia, one of the most important tourist center of Turkey, under the presidency of GJC President Mehmet Ali Dim, visited Göreme Open Air Museum.The Cappadocia program was followed by Konya, the city where Mesnevi letters were inspired by the lines. Russian-speaking journalists firstly went to the Mevlana Museum in Konya, the city of Mysticism and Neyzens. They also watched with admiration the Sema show, which was made special for journalists.
The congress started in Ankara on 25th October after Kayseri, Kırşehir, Cappadocia and Konya, and finally moved to Alanya where the tourism haven. A city tour was also held in Alanya for journalists within the scope of the organisation which contributed greatly to the promotion of Turkey. Journalists began the day by dining against the unique views of the Histocis Dockyard and Kızılkule. Then they sailed by boat and looked at Alanya’s unique beauties from another perspective. The last stop of the journalists was Alanya Castle, which is one of the rare castles where life still exists on Earth. Journalists who went to the Inner castle -Ehmedek region by cable car experienced the historical texture of Alanya and witnessed the splendor of the past.The giant Reunion ended with a spectacular gala at the Lonicera Hotel. The Gala Continued with musical performances following the protocol speeches and the presentation of the plaque. Russian-speaking journalists entertained themselves until later in the night in Alanya, Turkey’s window to the world.
GJC President of Mehmet Ali Dim who carried to giant Cogress to Turkey, explanation is related about organisation ‘’We are obviously in our country as the Global Journalism Council, we carry out these activities in our nation’s interests rather alien. Our aim is to act in line with the interests of our country, Professional solidarity and the well-being and welfare of our collegues. This siarli ported to the 21th World Russian Media Congress in Turkey. We came to Ankara, Kırşehir, Kayseri, Cappadocia, Konya and finally Alanya. We have been given the opportunity to make Turkey the pillar of this organization. This preparation took 2 years. Thanks to the anticipation and support of Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Alanya, we welcome our guests here today. Because without the support of Mr. Çavuşoğlu, we couldn’t have realized to this organisation. I believe that the moment they returned to their homeland, in Turkey and Alanya entertained many beautiful things that we journalists will write to Turkey and Alanya.Isn’t that already our aim? The rapprochement between the two countries is very important for both the promotion of our country in terms of tourism and its economic development. We are happy to have contributed to this rapprochement with such an organization. Mr.Dim said that‘’ I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the the most supportive organization that Ankara Altindag and Kayseri and Konya Metropolitan Municipalities, ANEX Tour, Lonicera Hotels, Global Group (Translation), Ani Tour, Alanya Municipality, Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Association of Touristic Operators‘’.
Following the end of the huge meeting, Alexander Klein who is manager of General World Russian Media Council and Ekaterina Gündüz who is President of the World Russian Media Congress in Turkey, made their comments. General Manager Alexander Klein said’’ some participants were afraid of Turkey. They have now seen that Turkey and Alanya are calm, safe and very beautiful.‘’ Gündüz said: ‘’A council of high-ranking journalists from 85 countries who broadcast in Russian who speak Russian language, whether of different nationalities or ethnicities. Participants returned their home from Alanya. They went with very good ideas about Turkey and Alanya‘’ she said.