GJC Planted Peace Saplings in Georgia

GJC Planted Peace Saplings in Georgia

GJC Planted Peace Saplings in Georgia


GJC (Global Journalism Council), which set out with the principle of promoting our country and creating Public Diplomacy, is advancing with positive steps towards this goal.


GJC, which still has foreign representatives in 57 countries, has taken positive steps in the field of cooperation with permanent friendships in Georgia.


The members of the GJC, who went to Georgia with a delegation of 8 people under the leadership of the Chairman, Journalist Mehmet Ali Dim, had various contacts in the field of cultural, economic and foreign policy in this country, as well as found common points in cooperation.


Georgia, which we can describe as the Switzerland in our birth, has a size of approximately one tenth of our country (69,500 square kilometers).


This country with a population of three million and 500 thousand awaits investors who will invest primarily in agriculture, animal husbandry and food production. This country, which has beautiful plains and unique natural beauties, can be entered without a visa and with an identity card.


In the country where human development is at a very high level, the economy is also in a regular development.

Georgia, where Turks are welcomed with special attention, is waiting for you.


Ahmet Coşkunaydın