GJC response to Akıncı

GJC response to Akıncı

The International Professional Organization Global Journalism Council (GJC) has reacted to TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı, who has diverted the issue that has occupied the agenda with an improper discussion in recent days.

The following comments were made in the written statement made on behalf of the Board of Directors of the UPS:
Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci In his contacts in Turkey with the EU, rather than the Turkish Cypriot leader in hydrocarbon TRNC said that the press revealed that proposes to take interlocutor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, “The President’s representation in power and democratic legitimacy of Cyprus stems from the Turkish society and is not open to discussion” Making description it is against the spirit of friendship and solidarity of the two countries. This has created great indignation in Turkey and the TRNC description indecent people. On the subjects under the jurisdiction of the ‘TRNC Government’; We find it difficult to understand where the TRNC Foreign Minister’s addressee proposal is wrong and why it causes discomfort.
What is the attitude of Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. To protect the interests and interests of the Turkish Cypriot people to the fullest. For this purpose, natural gas exploration in the license agreement was signed September 22, 2011 between Turkey and the TRNC. Turkey, the agreement was made with the elected government of Cyprus.
Greeks, ‘I share with the Turkish natural gas resources’ approach to the contrary, Turkey has always encouraged and supported to act in a joint manner. Addressing the hydrocarbon issue at the level of the governments of the two parties should be regarded as normal due to the existence of the licenses of the government of the two parties to international energy companies and the agreements they have made with these companies.
What could be more natural than the TRNC government, which has made agreements with the companies, to follow the steps and discussions to be taken?
It is wrong to distort the issue and put it in the mood of creating a ‘victim again’ before the Presidential elections.
It is also meaningful that President Akıncı has an attitude that protects the Greek Cypriot administration, rather than defending the TRNC government. It is also noteworthy that the TRNC does not see the Foreign Minister as someone chosen by the public.
While the Greek Government’s Foreign Minister is expected to respond to his unwieldy accusations, Mr. Akıncı’s effort to bring himself forward is a historical mistake.
What happened and the struggle in the Eastern Mediterranean; Election materials should not be politicized in the TRNC.
Cyprus has an unbreakable bond between Turkey and the Turkish people.
This vineyard; history will never forgive those who struggle to break. “