GJC-TASS Turkish-Russian Media Forum to be held in Moscow

GJC-TASS Turkish-Russian Media Forum to be held in Moscow

A delegation of 15 journalists will be hosted in Moscow, the capital of Russia, at the official invitation of Russia’s state agency TASS.

The Global Journalism Council (GJC), which organizes events and forums in foreign countries with foreign representatives and foreign journalists who are members of foreign media councils in 65 countries in order to support the public diplomacy activities of our country, will sign the Russian-Turkish Media Forum in Moscow between 11-14 October 2023 together with Russia’s state agency ITAR TASS. GJC President Mehmet Ali Dim is heading the delegation to Moscow for the forum themed “The role of media in strengthening Russia-Turkey cooperation”.


GJC President Mehmet Ali Dim, who made a written statement before his trip to Moscow, stated that the friendship and cooperation with the Russian media that started in 2019 continues to increase and said, “Especially thanks to the efforts of Russia’s most important journalist, my dear friend Mikhail Gusman, we are in a historical rapprochement as the media of the two countries. Russia is Turkey’s strategic partner thanks to the cooperation and solidarity that has peaked in recent years. Within the framework of the cooperation and solidarity demonstrated by Russian President Mr. Putin and Turkish President Mr. Erdogan in recent years, we journalists will strive to contribute to this fruitful partnership in terms of media. During our stay in Russia, we will explain our country to the media dynamics of Russia. We will endeavor to contribute more to the increasing political and social cooperation between the two countries in the fields of tourism, construction, real estate and trade. We hope to return from Moscow with good news.”


In addition to the forum, the program of the GJC delegation includes exclusive interviews with some Russian senior executives, visits to important Russian media organizations and executives, receptions at the Embassy of Turkey in Moscow and the Moscow office of the Yunus Emre Institute, as well as a city tour of Moscow.


1. Mehmet Ali Dim, GJC President, Dim Medya (DIM TV, Yeni Alanya)
2. Bülent Aydemir, GJC Vice President, Habertürk
3. Yavuz Donat, GJC Founder, Sabah Newspaper columnist
4. Cengiz Özdemir, Chairman of Ekotürk TV
5. Benan Kepsutlu, GJC Deputy Secretary General, Haber Global
6. Tansel Can Emzikli, Haber Global Cameraman
7. Oğuz Karakaş, AA Executive Board Member, Coordinator
8. Ahmet Furkan Şahin, AA Foreign News Editor
9. Merih Ak, GJC member, NTV
10. Burak Uygun, NTV Cameraman
11. Hayati Arıgan, GJC Board Member, Spokesperson
12. Nalan Yazgan, GJC Board Member, Cumhuriyet writer
13. Nurcan Demirtaş, GJC member, Hürriyet Newspaper Editor
14. Ahmet Coşkunaydın, GJC Foreign Media Assembly Vice President, Economy Writer, Dünya Newspaper
15. Esra Öztürk, GJC Council Member, Al Jazeera Commentator