GJC, TRNC International Media Meeting successfully completed

GJC, TRNC International Media Meeting successfully completed

The International Media Meeting of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) organized by the Global Journalism Council (GJC) took place in Nicosia on 13-16 December 2023. Speaking at the opening of the forum held on December 14 within the scope of the meeting, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus President Ersin Tatar reacted to the news in the press that Israeli soldiers were camping and practicing in the country and said, “I called the security units and asked them, they said there was no such thing. There are fifth column activities because Jews are buying land in the country. If something happens to harm our survival, there is something to be done against it.”

GJC organized an international Media Forum in the capital Nicosia on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of TRNC. TRNC President Ersin Tatar, Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu and Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia Metin Feyzioğlu attended the workshop. A total of 63 journalists, including 18 from Russia, Georgia, Syria, the UK, the USA and Japan, as well as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and representatives from the TRNC media also attended.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop, which was presented by Azerbaijani journalist Nigar Ibrahimova, President Ersin Tatar reminded the recent news on the island and in the press about the sale of land to Jews and noted that the laws determine the conditions under which foreigners can buy land. Pointing out that the agricultural lands of the country should be protected and that agricultural production has increased even more with the water provided by Turkey, Tatar underlined that they have been calling it the ‘Cyprus Issue’ until today, but from now on, especially on international platforms, they will explain it as a ‘National Cause’ and said, “The issue ended in 1974 when Mehmetçik set foot on the island. Greeks say they want peace every day. I said to the face of the British deputy minister, who was my guest last night, ‘We will never give up on Turkey and Turkish soldiers. Let it be known like this,” I said.

President Ersin Tatar, reacting to all the opposition, cracked voices and fifth column activities in the country, especially those who are eager to take young people away from the right path and take them to other places, said: “We know that when we lose our excitement, this important geography will be used to serve the ambitions of others. My grandfather never saw Turkey. He sold his field to listen to Ankara Radio to get news. Why to buy a radio, this is a country where these feelings are experienced.” Noting that it is offensive that TRNC is not recognized on the international platform, President Tatar said, “Students from more than 100 different countries study here. There are foreigners making investments. Turks ruled this country during the Ottoman period. The other inhabitants practiced farming. We have a centuries-old state tradition. There is a state here and no one can crush this state. Therefore, let’s make this news responsibly. If you do not have a document, let’s not make a mess by waving it around.”

Underlining that the Palestinians in Gaza today are exposed to what the Turkish Cypriots are going through, Tatar said, “We understand them. It is important that the construction sector continues for the structure of TRNC to continue. If economic life cannot stand on its own feet, there will be a problem in welfare.”

Addressing the island citizens living outside TRNC, President Ersin Tatar said, “First two hours train in London. Then you wait for an elevator to get to your office on the 25th floor. I say, come here, the world has become digitalized, you can manage your business that way. No one should expect us to give up our state. We cannot call it a federation and agree to be under someone else’s yoke. There will be no agreement unless our state is recognized. This workshop provides media support for our efforts. I would like to thank the Global Journalism Council, all the journalist participants and my dear friend Dim, the president of the council.”

TRNC Minister of Tourism and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu thanked the support given for the promotion and recognition of the country and said, “We have not come to these days through an easy process. We are trying to express ourselves on every platform. Despite the injustices we have suffered, we have not given up our cause. Today, if we walk with our heads held high, if we express our wishes, if we do not have any difficulties, it is because of our homeland that we will reach out and touch.”

Metin Feyzioğlu, Ambassador of Turkey to Nicosia, stated that the Turkish Cypriots resisted despite all kinds of poverty and said, “There was no reason for the TRNC not to be Gaza today without the help of the motherland.” Pointing out that if it was possible to push the island of Cyprus and take it across the Atlantic, the TRNC would be recognized by the evening, Ambassador Feyzioğlu said, “If it is not recognized, it is because it is a Turkish state in the Eastern Mediterranean. No matter which UN SC resolutions they try to fill this with, this non-recognition is hollow. The Republic of Cyprus recognized in 1960 was usurped by the Greeks. In the federation agreement in 2004, it was said that it would not be taken into the EU in any way, isolations would be lifted, but the opposite was done. Greeks are doing the following. They take the EU and the established order of the UN behind them and maintain a ruthless isolation against the Turkish Cypriots.”

Mehmet Ali Dim, President of the Global Journalism Council, said that they put their hands under the stone to recognize and promote the TRNC again after 4 years and said, “80 percent of the participants are from the near geography, Russia and all Turkish states, Georgia, Syria, and there are representatives from Europe, America and Japan, but the rest are from the near geography.” President Mehmet Ali Dim said, “The papers to be presented at the workshop will also be published as a book and will be noted in history. This meeting of ours is being watched live from all over the world through about 20 local and widespread channels. We are telling the just cause of TRNC to our colleagues on international platforms and we will continue to do so. This is our responsibility as GJC.”

President Ersin Tatar and GJC President Mehmet Ali Dim presented a plaque of appreciation to the main sponsor of the organization, MMT Tunç Group Chairman A. Kadir Tunç.

Within the scope of the workshop, 8 speakers presented papers on 8 different topics. The first session of the workshop, which was held in two sessions, was moderated by GJC Deputy President İsmail Bayazıt and the second session was moderated by GJC Advisory Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Levent Eraslan. In the first session, Celal Bayar on the Cyprus issue from history to today, Ergün Olgun on the obstacles and opportunities before the recognition of TRNC, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Işıksal on the steps taken internationally for a solution in Cyprus and the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side, and Gülşah Sanver Manavoğlu on diplomatic and political initiatives for the recognition of TRNC and the lifting of isolation. In the second session, Gökhan Güler on the TRNC policy of Russia and Turkish states, Prof. Dr. Ata Atun on the TRNC economy, opportunities in terms of construction, tourism and trade, Hüseyin Baraner on the perception of TRNC in Europe and the view of western tourists on the island and Akay Cemal on the TRNC press throughout history and the contribution of journalists to the Cyprus cause. In the last part, the speakers answered the questions of the journalists.

TRNC President Ersin Tatar also attended the dinner given after the workshop at Grand Pasha Hotel. Tatar, who gave special interviews to foreign and local journalists, mainly invited the international public opinion to act fairly regarding TRNC.


KGK guest journalists visited the historical and touristic spots of Northern Cyprus before and after the workshop. In the historical old city of the capital Nicosia, the participants visited the Selimiye mosque, the old bazaar, the historical bedestens and the Kyrenia Gate, and also visited the mausoleum of TRNC Founding Leader Rauf Denktaş. After visiting Bella Pais and the historical harbor in Kyrenia, the participants also visited the closed Varosha on the Magosa tour. Some journalists also toured Maraş with the bicycles they rented. Especially foreign journalists expressed their admiration for the natural and historical beauties of the island, which they visited for the first time.