GJC was at Montenegro’s State Day reception

GJC was at Montenegro’s State Day reception

On the occasion of the Statehood Day of Montenegro, a reception hosted by the Montenegro’s Embassy in Ankara was held and attended by diplomats and high-level guests. Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and several important guests attended the reception. Vice President of the Nationwide Media Council and International Cooperations Advisor Dr. Esra Öztürk represented the Global Journalism Council in the event.
In his speech, Ambassador Kastratovic underlined Montenegro’s economic growth rate and tourism potential and drew attention to the friendship and cooperation relations between Turkey and Montenegro.
At the reception attended by the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Ambassador Kastratovic stated that Montenegro opened its diplomatic mission in Istanbul in 1879 and said, “This mission was the only diplomatic mission in the world for a while. This year, diplomatic relations between the Principality of Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire “We are celebrating the 145th anniversary of its establishment.”
Kastratovic pointed out that Montenegro, which has the highest economic growth rate in Europe in 2023, was declared the fifth fastest growing tourism route in the world.
Meanwhile Minister Ersoy said, “Our institutions continue to gain appreciation with their activities in Montenegro and add value to our bilateral relations. Since its opening, TİKA has carried out more than 450 projects and activities in Montenegro with a total value exceeding 25 million euros. We will continue to do more in line with the common interests of our countries. We believe that we can do it, and we wish to establish close contacts at all levels.”
Dr. Öztürk conveyed his congratulations to Ambassador Perisa Kastratovic on behalf of the Global Journalists Council and stated that initiatives would be taken to improve the media relations of the two countries. At the reception, Dr. Esra Öztürk also informed Djibouti Ambassador Aden Hüseyin Abdillahi, Costa Rica Ambassador Gustavo Campos Fallas, Brazilian Ambassador Carlos Martins Ceglia, Dutch Ambassador Joep Wijnands and Lebanon Ambassador Ghassan Muallim about the activities of GJC.
GJC’s President Mehmet Ali Dim announced that the council, increasing the number of countries in which it has representatives in the world to 76, will soon appoint a representative to Montenegro.