Important international assignment for GJC and Turkish friend Gusman

Important international assignment for GJC and Turkish friend Gusman

TASS first deputy director-general Gusman was elected permanent rapporteur of the UNESCO IPDC Presidium.

Mikhael Gusman, who came to the fore with the documentary on President Erdogan and signed joint projects with the Global Journalism Council (GJC), will serve as the permanent rapporteur of UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC) Bureau. This was reported to TASS by the Russian Federation’s mission to the international organisation.

The international organisation said.

“Elections for the post of rapporteur in the IPDC presidium were held this morning. According to the election results

Mikhail Solomonovich Gusman was elected,” the Permanent Mission said.

In a statement issued on the occasion of Gusman’s election, the Permanent Mission noted that Russia “continues to contribute to the work of the Commission on Human Rights and support the objectives of the IPDC”. It said

We are

Ensuring the safety of journalists and promoting media development in Africa,

we strive for the development of project activities. The Programme for the Development of International Communications was established in 1980. At its establishment

Sean McBride, Nobel Prize-winning Irish international mediator and one of Africa’s most widely read journalists

McBride and the Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, one of the most widely read authors of the 20th century.

Today, UNESCO’s Specialised Programme remains the leading multilateral forum of the United Nations system.

UNESCO’s Specialised Programme remains today the leading multilateral forum within the United Nations system for coordinating assistance to the press. Over the years

Over the years of its existence, IPDC has mobilised more than $100 million to support the media.

It has sponsored nearly 2,000 projects in 140 countries and provided more than 100 million dollars of support. As GJC, we congratulate our Turkish-friendly Russian colleague Gusman and wish him success.