KGK: July 24 is the day when real journalism started

KGK: July 24 is the day when real journalism started

Global Journalists Council (KGK) Board of Directors published a message due to the July 24 Journalists and Press Day

“We have to dominate the concept of impartial, free and principled journalism,” in the 24 July Journalists and Press Day message published on behalf of the Global Journalists Council (KGK) with the signature of President Mehmet Ali Dim, said:
“Journalists are people who witness the pain, joy, success and failures experienced in every part of the world and make a note in the history. Journalists should act with the responsibility and consciousness of communicating these testimonies impartially and objectively. Some people using communication tools and different media today Unfortunately, the management levels of these channels give opportunity to this. Under the view of freedom of communication, international operations have started to be undersigned with the ‘Unlimited Irresponsibility’, and the manipulation of the public has started to be undersigned. We strongly refuse the attempts to be attributed to our profession. From the perception and general acceptance of the newspaper, it is true, we are experiencing a process where a significant part of the society evaluates ‘I wonder’. Of course, we have a responsibility in knowing and knowing. We take this responsibility on us. At this point, one of our most important expectations is the “Internet Broadcasting Law” to be issued as soon as possible.
The media group was the most affected by the economic developments experienced by the world and our country. Written, visual and audio media organizations are struggling for existence and life in every corner of our country. Economic independence is inevitable to reach a healthy media. Journalism is the breath of democracy, it is the lung.
To remind once again that these days we celebrate the 24th of July Journalists and Press Festival;
As it has been until today, the Turkish press’s superior waiver in the War of Independence has never spoiled its upright stance against the 15 July treacherous coup attempt that we have experienced in our most recent history and its national stance against national interests.
We are on the 112th anniversary of the censorship abolition in the press. While it has been celebrated as “Press Day” or “Press Freedom Day” since July 24, 1971, it has been known as Journalists and Press Day in recent years. What makes today meaningful is that in 1908, when the 30-year repression regime of Abdulhamid ended, the intellectual journalists of that period refused to give the sultan’s men their oppression patterns and realized the first resistance to censorship. So 24 July is the day when real journalism started. Today, we have to dominate a neutral, free and principled understanding of journalism.
Also, the 24th of July are important for us in terms of internal accounting and being with our colleagues.
It bears. On this occasion, we congratulate all our colleagues’ holidays and wish them continued success. “