local journalism

local journalism

local journalism

Local journalism has known issues that are not independent of the mainstream media. Apart from these, another point that is not mentioned much and differs from the Istanbul press is that local journalism has “professional nutrition difficulties”.


In fact, there is a nutritional problem for every occupational group in the countryside. Journalists, unlike other professions, have to establish “quality” relationships with both their colleagues and news sources. A good diet requires this type of nutrition.


A local is a relatively small group of people who know each other by smell. Local people are in contact with each other more often than in big cities. This communication does not mean a positive interaction. It’s more of a needy relationship. We have to put up with each other…


Therefore, if the city’s journalist claims to broadcast impartially, he needs to comply with the above-mentioned balances. This is where professional infertility begins. The concern to give a voice to every local element of balance leads the journalist to repeat himself in his news and comments.


Worst of all, he is satisfied with the local balance of power and the praise he receives from his social media audience, and is unaware that he is becoming more and more commonplace. Because it doesn’t get a warning about it. It lacks professional scales for weighing.


Moreover, he did not just follow up and research the reasons why he reported in the media that summer; It is even worse if there is journalism that does not take into account the preferences of the city.


Local journalism is important. As in the egg and chick story, “The vicious circle of the countryside or does unskilled journalism breed another?” The answer should be “Quality local journalism creates healthy cities”. A journalist should develop himself in this direction…