Our warnings and advices about Corona Virus for Journalists

Our warnings and advices about Corona Virus for Journalists

WHİLE news about CORONAVIRUS is at the top of the agenda worldwide, we as journalists are once again struggling to carry out our profession. As a journalist, the public is aware of the importance of delivering impartial and objective news, always at events and in spite of all difficulties. The eyes of the world are currently on media organizations. We are in a bigger battle than the difficulties we encountered during the war correspondence, which is considered one of the most difficult jobs in the world.At least on the battlefields, we tried to protect ourselves with materials like steel vests and helmets, and we had the choice not to go to the regions that we think are very dangerous. Now, however, we face a top secret enemy who doesn’t show up, and we don’t know where to catch ourselves in the course of our profession.
We call the enemy because in this attack on humanity we face a very dangerous disease that we call CORONAVIRUS. Our steel vests and helmets are of no use here. Now, as journalists, we have to do a completely different defense struggle. Cleaning has to be our main shield.
While all possible measures are taken to clean media organizations, television sets, studios and all work places in the USA and Europe, our colleagues also protect themselves personally.
Cell phones, computers, laptops, microphones, cameras and cameras that we have to use every day should be continuously disinfected. The use of our personal belongings by third parties should not be permitted and in any case should be disinfected when others use them.
In addition, we should have masks and plastic gloves with us and avoid close contact with third parties regarding possible communications. Our colleagues who have the opportunity to work from home as much as possible should stay away from society and reduce possible risks.
Our colleagues who work abroad or go abroad should definitely have contact with their embassies or consulates in the countries in which they are located. They should bring their cell phones to the relevant people and, IF possible, ask for help when they return their country.
More importantly, in the fight against CORONAVIRUS, we should stay away from news structures that cause panic and chaos in society, as well as from untrustworthy news sources. Statements by officials about health should be brought to the fore and we should be very careful about pollution of news on social media.
It shouldn’t be forgotten that journalists are individuals and are part of the society in which they live. We must always be aware that the greatest duty has been in the media to survive this bad business with the minimum damage as soon as possible.