Self-democratic’ Journalists

Self-democratic’ Journalists

Self-democratic’ Journalists


German media and politicians constantly criticize Turkey’s democracy, human rights practices and freedom of the press.

You would think that Germany is a country where democracy, human rights, freedom of the press, and all ethical values ​​are protected at the highest level, and everyone can speak and write whatever they think.

The facts are incompatible with the Germany we know, the way we are told and taught.

For the first time, I was astonished at the news that the European correspondents broadcast every day in the morning. I knew that Western civilization, democracy and ethical values ​​were not as innocent as they were conveyed to us, but when I went into the details, I witnessed that the issue was more serious.

Would you believe me if I said something like this: You are a white-collar employee working in an office with an ordinary job and income. You have directed a criticism of the German state, police or secret service from your social media. You are strongly warned. If you don’t remove the message and apologize, you may be fired. Your session, work permit is questioned…

61 years have passed since the migration of Turkish workers to Germany, but Turks are still like foreigners in the country. The biased publications of the German press play a major role in this. The German press does its best to make the Turks feel that they are ‘foreigners’.


Almost no one whose identity card is written as Turkish has never been involved in a terrorist incident in Europe. However, in the event of an attack, the German press declares that the attacker is a Turk and a Muslim, without asking or investigating.

The truth comes out, but the glorious German media outlets don’t even publish a correction…