So that cities do not become orphans

So that cities do not become orphans

So that cities do not become orphans

There was an imperative. People had to stay in their homes. The epidemic that emerged out of nowhere has hit almost all areas of life. There was one area hit by this scourge, which turned the industry upside down. While people were buying the most essential bread, they were also buying a newspaper.


Of course, it was necessary to keep up with the technological development and the new world order, but printed newspapers were no longer sold in dealers and markets. First, dealer sales were smashed. While the epidemic was all around, it hit the Anatolian press so much…


The Anatolian press, which was already roasted in its own oil, started to run out slowly. However, the Anatolian press is important. Survival is more than a necessity. Think; The Yeni Adana Newspaper, published since 1918, distributed to the soldiers as a morale booster during the years of the War of Independence, with the words “5 kuruş a copy” on it, but not for a single day’s money…


While the invaders were throwing the latest technology printed newspapers from the plane, the Yeni Adana Newspaper was a source of morale for the Turkish soldiers and a death sentence was issued for its owners by the enemy forces. That’s how important the Anatolian press is. The importance of the Anatolian press in the liberation struggle is really remarkable at this point.


The scourge of the epidemic changed habits along with technological developments. It has largely eliminated some rules, balances, the desire to read the newspaper and most of our habits. Since the epidemic hit every sector, not only the Anatolian press, but also the mainstream media got their share from it. Many national newspapers were closed and continued their publications in digital environment. This led to an increase in unemployment in the press.


The local press, that is, the Anatolian press, has a great importance in the supervision of local governments, as in many other areas. Necessary support should be given to the local press, which is struggling to survive in an economic impasse. In the face of the increase in the inputs of the print media, certain incentives should be given to the newspapers.


For example, SGK premiums and tax payments should be facilitated.

For the Anatolian press, cheap paper supply is one of the sine qua non. Support should be given in official announcements and advertisement tariffs. In addition, the right to early retirement should definitely be implemented for loyal and long-suffering press workers. Since the Anatolian press is struggling to survive, an Emergency Support Package must be issued for these employees. The press needs this lifeblood.


Let’s all join hands now. Let’s meet on a common ground as local governments, ministers, deputies, official and non-governmental organizations, universities and the business world, especially our government. Let’s keep the Anatolian press alive together. If the Anatolian press is silent, the cities will be silent… Just as the Republic is the home of the orphans, the Anatolian press is the voice of those whose voices cannot be heard. If the local press runs out, cities will be orphaned, orphaned. This is why it is time to protect the Anatolian press.


Israfil Avci