The star of South America is waiting for Turkish investors ARGENTINA

The star of South America is waiting for Turkish investors  ARGENTINA

The star of South America is waiting for Turkish investors



Özgür Demir


GJC Argentina Representative


Argentina, which is seen as twins and whose economic structure is matched with Turkey in the international arena, offers investment opportunities in different sectors. Press freedom score is also quite high.


In the city of Buenos Aires, which offers its visitors a piece of all the beauties of the world, it starts with a traditional street market in San Telmo, a culturally rich and architecturally unique district of the city, on a Sunday at noon. This established market is not just a shopping environment; It promises a multicultural street entertainment that has been enriched by more than two hundred and fifty artisans and dates back to 1970.




Special architectural structures belonging to Argentina along the streets where the market is established create a visual feast for its visitors. The city owes its beauties to being a home for immigrants from Europe, especially Italy and Spain, which started from 1860 and lasted until the 1930s. Thanks to this immigration history, the warmth of Latin culture is intertwined with the artistic and intellectual discipline of Europe. In this open-air museum, which covers a whole market route, on the one hand, there is a sympathetic house called Casa Mínima, famous for its smallness of 2.2 meters wide and 13 meters deep; On the other hand, you can visit the very magnificent Nuestra Señora del Rosario Basilica, the construction of which began in 1751. There is also the mausoleum of General Manuel Belgrano, the work of Italian sculptor Ettore Ximenes, in this basilica. Estrella Pharmacy, built in 1895, can also be seen on the road. Apart from its unique architectural structure, the historical tools used in the manufacture of medicines of the period are also exhibited in this pharmacy. The stroll along the streets of the market can end with a pleasant lunch break in the 1897 San Telmo Bazaar, designed by the famous Italian architect Juan Antonio Buschiazzo, where national flavors such as empanada and locro are tried, or you can follow a wider route to La Boca district. In this district, which is very colorful and has symbolic importance for the country, the most important of the temples of Argentine football will be found. Afterwards, you can have a pleasant dinner accompanied by a unique tango show.


The rhythm of this traditional Sunday tour is a cure for the tiredness of Saturday nights filled with music and dance in Palermo; it is almost a source of motivation for the first working day of the next week. Likewise, Mondays start quickly and efficiently for the city of Buenos Aires. The entrepreneurial heart of the city concentrated in the Retiro region and the financial center of the city concentrated in the Puerto Madero region are ready to follow the developments of the new week with all its dynamism. On the one hand, the city is its structure that connects Latin America with all over the world, especially Europe; On the other hand, it is used to such a high tempo as it is an indispensable center for the continent. In addition to being an important member of the G20, which he also chaired in 2018, there are a number of other reasons behind this situation. According to the Human Development Index, which is calculated by taking into account indicators such as education level and Gross Domestic Product, Argentina is one of the countries with high values ​​in the world and the country of the continent that is shown as an example. This situation can be interpreted as one of the factors pointing to the efficient structure of the country in terms of both educated human resources and production. Moreover, it is one of the largest economies in Latin America with a Gross Domestic Product of 490 billion dollars and one of the few countries in the world with its 2.8 million square meters of land with highly variable natural resources. Especially, these lands, where lithium and gas reserves stand out, also draw attention with their suitable virgin structure for agriculture and adaptability to renewable energy, considering the agricultural crisis, which the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has pointed out as a high risk and which has started to show itself with price increases today.



According to the Global Press Freedom index, Argentina is the country with the highest score among Latin American countries. Worldwide, it has managed to rank 29th among 180 countries with its ranking just below the Netherlands. Therefore, the country has a democratic and liberal institutional structure with a strong legal basis that supports its profitable atmosphere, and this structure ensures that certain sectors stand out among investors by directing infrastructure services according to the needs of the country.



Despite two globally stagnant years under the influence of the pandemic, from March 2021 to March 2022, the Argentine housing sector managed to grow by 25.6%. The demand for housing, which has increased in the big cities of the country, has become a housing crisis, especially in the city of Buenos Aires, which leads to the rapid growth of the housing sector. In addition to housing for households, another positive development for the construction sector is budget increases in government-funded expenditures and the introduction of new investment channels. In this case, it is possible to say that the need for raw materials and inputs in the construction sector has also increased. In addition to the import of heavy machinery and spare parts for these machines, which have grown with the increase in public investments in infrastructure, there is a demand for many materials ranging from Portland cement to aluminum profiles in the country.



Wines and livestock products with the stamp of Argentina are high-segment products that receive full marks from tasters. As a matter of fact, the country, which is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world, ranks sixth in its exports. Considering the prices offered by Italy, France, Spain and the United States, respectively, for wines of the same segment quality, which are ahead of itself in production, it is obvious that the Argentine market is a rising value. The country, which is the world’s sixth largest exporter of beef with 680 thousand tons of exports, realizes 73.3 percent of its total sales with China and has the sectoral experience to expand its target market and reach new buyer countries.




Argentina’s most profitable resources are hidden underground. According to the statistics of 2021, the country has obtained 5.208 million dollars from the export of petroleum and petrochemical products and 2.908 million dollars from gold and silver mines. It is the second country in the world with the most shale gas reserves, spread over an area of ​​30,000 km² and with reserves of 308 billion cubic feet, and the fourth country with non-conventional recoverable oil reserves with a value of 27,000 million barrels. On the one hand, its young, dynamic, educated and visionary population; On the other hand, Argentina, which draws attention with its self-sufficient and competitive market ready to open up to the world in terms of agricultural raw materials, not only draws attention in the production and service sectors. As can be seen, it offers an attractive atmosphere for investors with its indispensable resources of high value hidden underground and its infrastructure network.