Man realizes the truth whenever something happens to him.

Let’s understand the importance of justice without injustice!

If only we could fight corruption without experiencing poverty!

If only we knew how precious nature is when we can’t breathe!

In short, if we question life and face the facts, life would have more meaning…

Let’s live a little at peace with ourselves…


If we worry…

If we cooperate…

If we don’t kill the feelings of conscience and mercy…

I don’t want to paint a very pessimistic picture, but the point we’ve reached is beyond dire…

Human life conditions are getting harder.

There is an interest in everything, and the human being, who looks at things from the point of view of material things, is out of whack…

He does not calculate himself or his future.

When this is the case, that is, as the wicked increase, it falls to us to write such articles.

I wish we could write more optimistic, happier and more beautiful things…

Recently, I was looking at the data of the World Health Organization (WHO).

An interesting report caught my eye.


According to the report, which reveals that violence against women starts all over the world and from a very young age, 736 million women worldwide have been subjected to violence by their partners at least once in their lives or sexual violence by a man with whom they are not related.

This figure corresponds to one-third of the female population in the world.

According to the report, the vast majority of women, or 641 million, have experienced violence in their marriage or relationship with their partner.

How did the issue of violence come to be?

Every day, women have to lead a life intertwined with violence.

Even in the USA, England, France and Germany, which are known as the most developed countries, women live their lives in uneasiness.

The culture of violence is evident everywhere.


People who show violence and those who are exposed to violence…

But what kind of human?

There is no answer to this question?

Because, despite all warnings and suggestions, the issue of violence has become an inextricable situation.

Unfortunately, the situation in our country is not different.

Newspapers decorate their third pages with news of violence every day.

Not a day goes by without a case of violence…

Millions of files awaiting resolution due to violent disputes are still in the judiciary…

Those who succumb to their anger either harm themselves, their environment or nature.

Not only human beings, but also other living things and mother nature get their share from violence.

But how do we get out of this stalemate?

How do we get ahead of these things?

At this point, we all have great responsibilities.

We must find solutions to the violence that plagues the world.


As the GJC family, I attach great importance to the “Human Rights, Civil Struggle with Violence and Social Mediation Awareness-Educating Field Actors” project, of which we are also a stakeholder.

We all need to support the civil struggle network that the Foundation for Combating Violence (HEGEM) has put forward as a solution after long research and face-to-face meetings.

When this project achieves its purpose, we will achieve great gains.

As a child of this country, I would like to thank HEGEM President Adem Solak and the relevant institutions of the state, our universities, educational institutions and GJC family who supported and embraced the project.

The issue of violence is a serious issue like terrorism that disturbs our sleep, disturbs peace and causes a crisis of confidence.