With a good justice system, there is no unresolved problem

With a good justice system, there is no unresolved problem

Mehmet Çatakçı- Deputy Speaker of the Mainstream Media Assembly

On the current strategic position, global developments and migration waves, the pandemic process added recently and changes in the economic sphere, the “coup ” experienced in recent years and the initiatives of the” guardianship ” forces have mobilized the political agenda in Turkey a great deal
. Developments in the socio-economic, political and cultural fields have also brought about the need for some reforms in the fields of law and democracy.
Democracy is indispensable for the better protection and development of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the practice based on the rule of law, with the responsibility of being a rule of law. Stability and development, which is expected to be achieved in the field of economics, is possible only with a transparent rule of law. A strong democracy and a transparent rule of law are also of great importance for investments.
Having an environment that will strengthen investor confidence will be ensured by a reliable and accessible justice mechanism.
Based on international standards within the framework of an understanding of trust and access to justice, steps have been taken to strengthen confidence in justice in many areas, such as freedom to seek rights, freedom of thought, the right to property, freedom of expression and a fair trial. Protection and promotion of rights and freedoms are among the goals.
As a member of the Council of Europe, Turkey has joined the European Convention on Human Rights and has the right to an individual application to the ECHR. Adopting a system of norms based on justice, freedom, equality and human rights based on international standards, Turkey aims for many comprehensive changes in the judiciary in order to ensure full justice.
The Judicial Reform Strategy document announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan aims to design the legal system in a way that responds to social needs quickly, effectively and fairly. The judicial package enacted by law includes amendments on 15 issues, mainly the Criminal Procedure Law No. 5271, the Law on Judges and Prosecutors No. 2802, the Child Protection Law No. 5395 and the Turkish Criminal Code No. 5237.
Every year, dozens of students graduate from law schools by completing their education. In this context, extending education duration of law school to 5 years, regulating course content and density of the profession, new regulations towards the personal rights of public defenders who are just getting started, and regulations concerning all judicial employees and those who practice the legal profession in general are anticipated.
All meetings, studies, documents and reforms are carried out for a more reliable legal system by 2023. Economic improvement that will be achieved in accordance with the reliability of the law, as well as any legislation related to practices and practitioners in this area, are evaluated. In order to strengthen the credibility of the law, the goals of change and transformation planned in all areas will also prevent criticism of the expectation of a purely economic transformation.
We will follow the comprehensive work carried out meticulously in line with the goals of greater freedom and higher democracy in the establishment and survival of justice that the Human Rights Action Plan offers a roadmap.